There will be Blood

22 Marzo 2019@10:30 PM
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There will be Blood @ Hi Folks

There Will Be Blood albums are chapters of the same story that has yet to be told, it was like that for “Prologue”, same for “Wherever you go” and for “One to nothing”, and again it is for “Without”.
One main character, unnamed, whose footprints hide behind every song that the three wrote. His voice in Davide Paccioretti throat, his heart in Mattia Castiglioni drums, his anger and tears in Riccardo Giacomin riffs.A man who lost everything, who has nothing to loose, who want everything back, piece by piece, step by step.
In this new TWBB album the story has a plot twist, from helpless pawn at the mercy of fate, the man cuts the threads of his sadistic puppeteer taking charge of his own destiny, becoming able to control what was once a curse and now becomes a gift, an immense power.
Without. With, out. A word meaning lack, concealing between his syllables another word, whit, which means presence. A dichotomy that portrays the essence of the protagonist, split and halved: half alive and aged, mortal, sinful but redeemed, the other half, without soul, eternal, immortal, demoniac. A hand in the embers, the other in the baptismal water.
Without, perhaps the only faith that TWBB profess, to subtract to add, to strip to reveal the naked skin, blowing away the dust, letting the light pass through, leaving behind the 4 strings to punch the bass straightly in your stomach, in search of that one riff that alone is an entire song, that one instinct that binds together 14 tracks in one disc.
It becomes inevitable to drink again from the source of music: the blues, swallowing and digesting it, throwing it back out, as sweat from the skin.
14 tracks, very different between them, slow, mellow, fast, angry, sad or elated, but that can only exist together, because they tell the same story, because they speak the same language, because they vibrate in unison.
Not only the title serve as an explanation of the album, the cover art, from the USA artist Jeff Jordan, reflect the music in its every shade of blue and yellow, being quirky and surprising, quiet but disturbing.
But a tale has to be written on pages to survive, a painting has to be painted on canvas to be exposed, and a album has to be recorded in order to be listened to. And There Will Be Blood choose again the Sauna Record studio, which confirms to be up to the task, leading the sound of the trio on a higher level.
It wouldn’t be a TWBB album if it didn’t sound like a slap in the face, and that’s exactly how Giulio Favero has mastered the tracks.
Without by There Will Be Blood is a step forward on a path already marked out, the end is not yet to be seen but the road seems a little brighter.

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